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Once you bring the car to our location, we’ll inspect it and ask you some basic questions to see if we can help. Once we’ve determined how we can repair you car, we’ll help you arrange a rental car, if needed. Next we’ll file a claim with the insurance company and have them inspect the vehicle. Once the insurance company gives us the green light, we take care of all repairs, painting, glass, etc. Once the car is complete, we’ll notify the insurance company and yourself. Then you can pick up the car and drive off!
Each vehicle that comes to our shop is a unique scenario but with over 30+ years experience, we’ll be able to give you an educated estimate on the completion date of your vehicle.
Yes! We will be in full contact with them throughout the entire process. From dropping off the car to picking it up, we’ll handle everything in between.

Of course we can! In the case that you don’t have insurance, we typically require a 60% deposit when you drop off the vehicle in order to pay for parts, paint, etc. Once your vehicle is ready, just bring the remaining balance and drive off!

Nope! Alone with the things that come with typically collision repair, we also do customizations such as body kits, car wraps, painting, and more.

Along with 30+ years of experience in the auto body shop industry, all our repairs come with a lifetime warranty! We have 2 goals with each vehicle that comes through our shop: One is that it’s as safe as possible for when you take it back on the road; and 2 is that the customer always leaves happy with their choice of choosing Luxury Custom Garage.

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