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This auto repair shop deserves more than 5 stars. The service was outstanding. I had 2 jobs carried out on my car. They helped me with the insurance company and the final result is a brand new car. Thank once again for your service. This is definitely the go to place for all your auto repair work. I highly recommend. Thank you Nelson and the whole crew.

Leticia Del Monte

So glad to find this place! I had a few eye catching scratches on my Tesla model 3. I was so well treated since the very first moment that I forgot I was in Miami for a minute, LOL. When I came in I was received with a big smile and employees were super professional saying no worries, we’ll fix your problem. They did a excellent work! I’m not used to share reviews, but the service was so great that I had to do it.

Erico Rodrigues

This Garage is the best in Miami and the only place I take my car to get work done. Nelson is genuine, honest about his work, and extremely good at what he does. He was able to explain his process, and set realistic expectations. They fixed my bumper in 24 hours. I picked my car up the next day. Great team and great business that does high quality work. Highly recommend them!

Brett Bochner

Nelson (owner) and his team are simply perfectionists. They go above and beyond in the work they do. They’re accommodating, quick, upfront, and truly passionate about their work. I did not expect such perfect work to be done on my old, non-luxury car, yet they treated it as such. Thank you Nelson and his super nice people team! Will always go to you and recommend!

Minh Anh Le

I’m not a big review guy, but this place is really, really good, specially when is about your car, you always worry about the outcome and surprises, well here I can tell you is diferent, they did a fantastic job on my C-7 Grand Sport, the car is like never had a scratch, the paint is smooth as silk and perfect matching color as original, they arrange everything with my insurance, so I didn’t need to do anything, at the end they when the extra mile and not only washed my car, they also polished before delivered to me.
There are so many good things about this place that I will recomend this body shop to anyone anytime.
Thank to all you guys for an excelent job.

Wladimir Dorta

I am so INLOVE with my car. The job they did definitely exceeded my expectations! I would recommend them to anyone who asks. The staff was very professional, also thank you all for making my car look great again!!! I am very pleased with the job they did. They brought my car back to life. Outstanding customer service, speedy work just awesome all around. Black is one of the trickiest color to do but they nailed it. It is jaw dropping gorgeous, I couldn’t picture my car to be better than what it is, Everyone keeps giving me compliments on my car. I am just amazed. From the color combination to the customer service is just amazing. I am super satisfied and looking forward to continue doing business with them again.

Jenny Guzman

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